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About Us

LACA members sit at the heart of school food delivery, representing over 3,300 different organisations and individuals, all dedicated to ensuring that our children get the benefits from a healthy, nutritious school lunch.

Our members range from Local Authority providers, contract caterers, catering managers, kitchen and school staff, through to food and catering equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

Our members ensure that over 3 million lunches are served in 22,000 schools every day throughout England and Wales. In total, 80% of the education catering service in England and Wales is provided by our members.

LACA work to ensure that the investment in school meals is matched by the highest standards of professionalism in education catering. Being the lead association means that we work with Government and other relevant organisations on all aspects of school food and in delivering healthy eating
policies, as well as equipping school catering providers with the necessary skills, knowledge and support to enable them to meet the changing demands in the industry.

LACA offers a Partners’ scheme to all suppliers to the LACA market, although there is a maximum number of Partners each year set by the Board. The scheme is intended to maximise the partnership working so essential to the success of LACA.

The organisation draws on the strengths of its membership nationally, and is managed through its members on a voluntary basis. Each region elects a representative to sit on the LACA Board and to become a Director of LACA Ltd. The Directors of LACA Ltd have overall  responsibility for decisions made by the Association.

LACA vision and mission Statement:

"Together, we achieve excellence in school food"

LACA Ltd aims to set high standards of professionalism in Education catering; to be the lead consultative body to the Government in delivering healthy eating policies and to equip education caterers with the necessary skills, knowledge and support which will enable them to meet the changing demands of the industry sector.

"We are here to give everyone who provides catering within the education sector a voice – as well as the knowledge, resources and support to make nutritious and healthy food part of everyday life.  We do this each day because great school food helps young people to thrive, concentrate, enjoy school and achieve more."

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LACA Board of Directors

The Board is made up of the regional representatives together with the National Chair, the National Vice-Chairman, the Immediate Past Chairman and the Honorary Treasurer. The National Officers are elected from within the Board Members for a one year period of time - progressing from National Vice-Chairman to Chairman to Past Chairman - each volunteer committing three years to the national positions and ensuring continuity for the Association.

Board Members join one of four Working Groups - Events Group, Member Services Group, Communications Working Group or Finance & Administration Working Group. The Chair of each working group is elected by the Board (from the Board) for a period of two years.

The Working Groups have responsibility for various aspects of LACA activity (see later) and together with the National Chairman, the National Vice-Chairman and the Immediate Past Chairman form the National Steering Group.

National Steering Group

Role of the National Steering Group:

  • To recommend annual budget
  • To monitor operating costs
  • To let contracts and manage services when required
  • Income generation strategy
  • Assessment of individual working group expenditure proposed (The Board of Directors will agree the annual budget)
  • Co-ordinate LACA's response of national issues e.g. changes in legislation
  • Overview/review of Business Plan and Targets

* Note: Each Working Group Chair is required to develop a plan and review of work programme with associated budget for approval at the commencement of the year (January) by National Steering Group Committee and subsequently the LACA Board

Each Working Group Chair will manage, monitor and authorise payments to third party providers for services carried out against their committee budget. They will also be actively involved in drawing up tender specifications and documents (led by the Chair of F&A Working Group) when sub-contracted work is put out to the market place.

Why join LACA? Discover more about the benefits of LACA Membership

Members of National Steering Group

National Chair
National Vice Chair & Chair of Communications Group
National Vice Chair Elect
Immediate Past Chair
Chair of Member Services Group
Chair of Partners with LACA
Chair of Events Group
Chair of Finance & Administration Group