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Message from Alison Frith, President, Reunion des Gastronomes

30 Mar 2020

In the present circumstances we are all suffering in some way but there are those that are far worse off than we are.  Many of these hospitality staff are being helped with a one off £250 grant from Hospitality Action. The grant is eligible to both employees and those who are self-employed – for example chefs and owners of independent hospitality business – as well as those who work on a casual or freelance basis. See link:

I have decided to use £1,000 from the Presidential Fund to support this cause and urge you to also help HA if you can. You can donate at:

As an industry we have always been resilient to difficult times and I am sure that we will get over this and come out the other side with renewed energy.  I would also advise you that it is planned, when this is over, to hold Hospitality fund raising events to say ‘thank you’ to those NHS and Emergency workers that are doing so much at the moment.

Very best regards and Keep SAFE


Reunion des Gastronomes