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Jenny Scarrott

With decades of experience in water filtration, BRITA is one of the international market leaders and a competent and reliable partner worldwide. From soft to hard water, from lime to gypsum water: our portfolio has the best filter solution for every type of water.

Limescale build-up leads to equipment breakdown, higher energy costs and impacts the taste and aroma of food and hot beverages. Using BRITA Water filters protects your equipment from damage caused by limescale.

As experts in the field of water filtration and with over 50 years of experience, we work in partnership with our customers to deliver bespoke services depending on their specific needs.

From testing your water to monitoring your water filter usage and notifying you when your next exchange is due, BRITA can manage it all for you, leaving you to focus on delivering quality meals.

Our services include:

  • Filter monitoring to ensure your filters are exchanged at the right time
  • Recycling return scheme for BRITA filters
  • Nationwide Engineer support and coverage
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Onsite diagnosis and issue resolution
  • Training and people development
  • Regular reports and budgeting

All are tailored to your business needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Angela Wakefield, Catering Service Manager at Southport & Ormskirk NHS Hospitals has to say about our BRITA Managed Services.

“As a busy hospital, we don’t have time for equipment breakdowns. Working in partnership with BRITA gives us the reassurance that our equipment is protected against costly scale related breakdowns. They monitor our water usage and arrange a service engineer to exchange our water filters on time, it’s so simple. BRITA Managed Service has removed a huge amount of work for us - we wouldn’t be without BRITA filters on our equipment.”

For more details on how we can help your business save time and prevent costly breakdowns contact Jenny Scarrott at or Christopher Fay at

Partner Q&A with Jenny Scarrott,Business Account Executive,Brita Group

Tell us about your product/service range?
Water quality varies significantly throughout the UK and untreated or incorrectly treated water can have a devastating impact on equipment, from scale related breakdowns to corrosion. BRITA Managed Services ensures you have the right solution protecting your equipment, which can help prolong machine lifetime and reduce energy costs.

Why is it so well suited to the school food sector?
BRITA Managed Services supports equipment uptime allowing school caterers to focus on serving nutritious, balanced meals to children, not dealing with unreliable machines.  We can ensure the filters are exchanged at the right intervals, taking the guesswork out of it.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing for your businesses?
With all sectors trying to reduce costs, ongoing water filter replacements can be seen as an easy way to save money. Our challenge is educating users on the impact irregular water filter exchanges can have on equipment, for example, costly machine breakdowns and higher energy costs.

What do you do to support the school food sector beyond the supply of your products/service?
Alongside the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and McFly’s Dougie Poynter, we launched The Whale Watchers, a children’s book working to educate youngsters about climate change. BRITA also invited schools to take part in a competition to win £3,000 for their school to spend on a sustainability initiative of their choice.

Why is supporting LACA and their work so important to you as a business?
Children are the future, and ensuring they have access to decent meals is very important. BRITA is a company big on sustainability, so the work LACA do to support the understanding school catering has on the climate is close to our hearts.

What was your favourite lunch when you were at school?
School seems like a lifetime ago, but from memory, I was a child of the Turkey Twizzler era, and school meals have come on quite a bit since then. Traybake cake and custard was always a nice treat.