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Paul Greathead

Saffron paperless kitchen software – backed by a global leader

Civica, a global leader in public sector software, acquired Fretwell Downing Hospitality and its market-leading cloud catering software, Saffron, in 2020.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges in any education catering operation is maintaining compliance and food safety in an efficient and cost-effective way. We can help.

Together our paperless kitchen management, cashless technology and parent payments provide local authorities and schools with an end-to-end catering solution. With on-going pressures on costs and sustainability, we support food waste reduction including CO2 impacts, alongside promoting healthy eating, digital meal ordering and the management of safe, compliant catering operations.

Key solutions and modules for schools include: ·

  • Saffron catering management software, offering paperless kitchen management to help ensure safe, compliant school catering operations. Saffron brings together all the individual elements of the catering operation in one central cloud-based repository, streamlining stock control, purchasing, menu engineering and cleaning/hygiene tasks including HACCP compliance. It also offers a range of sustainability benefits, including a new carbon foot printing module to support CO2 reporting and reductions, as well as measures to reduce food waste which include easier reporting of weight, value and ingredients of individual menu items.
  • Saffron Purchasing, which automates and simplifies the buying process for catering providers and can save up to 70% of the associated costs of a paper-based system. Saffron Purchasing enables EDI integration for larger suppliers and buying groups, as well as web portal access for smaller artisanal producers.
  • Civica Cashless catering, which streamlines mealtimes, facilitates better take up of free school meals and helps manage individual dietary requirements. With features like pre-ordering, menu scheduling and meal deals, students and parents can gain better visibility of their food choices. Students eligible for free school meals can complete the transaction in the same way as everyone else, without fear of judgement or bullying. It reduces the risk that pupils will spend money off-site on unhealthy foods, while comprehensive forecasting and stock management also helps to reduce waste and generate savings.
  • CivicaEats pre-order mobile app, which supports food waste reduction and helps manage mealtimes more efficiently and safely. Pupils can order meals in advance, which means the kitchen only needs to prepare the meals required - minimising waste and driving sustainability, whilst supporting accurate management and ordering of stock too. Pre-ordering has also been shown to increase uptake of school meals by 50%.
  • CivicaPay Education parental payments, making it easier for parents to pay for their children’s meals and improve the way schools manage income. Built in partnership with schools and councils, CivicaPay is designed to remove hassle for parents and administration staff while maximising income for the school. Notably, with CivicaPay, funds are settled as soon as possible - it’s your money, so we don’t hold on to it.
  • Saffron Wellbeing Portal, which includes a public-facing URL where users can access menu details from anywhere to support better, safer food choices.

We design our software to suit a wide range of organisations. Whether you’re a local authority, an individual school, a multi-academy trust, contract caterer or a large university, you’ll manage your meal service and gain insights into how to keep improving.