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Pasta King

Howard Porteous


Pasta King has been producing hot meals for children and young adults for more than 25 years and, as schools returned, Pasta King, announced that they would donate more than 60,000 to schools across the country.

This announcement underpins their continued commitment to ensuring children enjoy a hot meal for lunch, as research shows that a nutritional lunch can improve academic performance during afternoon classes.

To date, 30,000 free school meals have been distributed and another 30,000 free school meals are still available in Pasta King’s two most popular varieties, pomodoro and basilico.

The free meals are provided to schools together with their usual orders for Pasta King sauces, rice and pasta. The scheme is available to all schools across England, Scotland and Wales until 2nd April. Schools interested in availing of the offer should contact for more details.

Pasta King CEO Mark Stone explains, “We have seen huge changes in the last year in school meal provision with schools closing, packed lunches being brought in and even meal boxes for use at home, however research shows that the most effective way of feeding children in the middle of the day, to help improve academic performance, is by having a hot meal.  We want to ensure that hot meals are quite literally back on the table for children returning to school and so we are offering tens of thousands of free meals to schools.

“They can use these meals to help with their free school meal provision or for school clubs that are still able to meet or for some other purpose within their local communities. We shall leave those decisions up to the schools.”  

If you would like to make life easier and provide great food that does good and saves time and money for your kitchen, please visit Pasta King website for further information: