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Quorn Pro

The Foodservice Business Unit of Quorn has undergone an extensive repositioning exercise, driven by our crusade to become the protein of choice for chefs. The rebrand moves us away from being a classic meat alternative to becoming the perfect protein solution for foodservice customers.

The rebrand follows in-depth research that identified the need for the Foodservice Unit to create our own brand identity, values and mission to complement the brand’s retail division.

Working with our dedicated culinary team, we have transformed the unit from simply selling frozen food, to inspiring OOH chefs with our unassuming mycoprotein that has been powering up foodservice kitchens and changing the world, one plate at a time, for years.

QuornPro is inviting our customers to join us to enjoy the wizardry of Quorn mycoprotein boosting their menus, sparking customer excitement and pumping up profits.

We will be driving the protein category forward, aiming to become the best protein on the planet, and always break new ground in the kitchen. The QuornPro team is bold and, passionate - a daring dreamer, we’re not afraid to break eggs - 3,000 failed attempts to find our mycoprotein in the beginning led us to the one that changed the way we feed the world in the first place.

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Partner Q&A with Brett Wainwright, UK Business Unit Controller, Foodservice

Tell us about your product/service range?
BW: Meat free is high on the agenda and Quorn has been trailblazing its development for over 40 years.

We have more than 25 core foodservice products that chefs can use to create delicious meat free versions of everything, from on-trend street food or grab and go options like hot dogs and burritos, to tradition favourites like bangers and mash or spaghetti bolognese.

All Quorn products are created with our super protein, Quorn mycoprotein. Nutritious and sustainable like no other protein, it makes life easier for school caterers to add dishes to menus that taste great and also have a really positive impact on the planet.

Why is it so well suited to the school food sector?
Like schools, we’re on a mission to inspire future generations to eat healthily and establish sustainable eating habits by educating them on how their food choices can be both good for their health and the planet.

The Quorn range is ideally placed to help school caterers create dishes that pupils will love, which also adhere to a wide range of compliance criteria, helping make menu planning simpler.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing for your businesses?
We are all acutely aware of the impact increased food costs are having on society, particularly on the school meals sector. That’s why we have been developing Cost Crunchers, a new initiative that includes measures to ensure affordable, quality red meat protein that doesn’t compromise on taste or sustainability continues to be available throughout 2023.

Cost Crunchers includes two initiatives for education:

Prices that stack up.  We’re freezing our prices and introducing 50% extra free packs on Quorn Mince and Quorn Vegan Beef Pieces.

2. Let’s Meat Halfway - A bit of meat. A bit of meat free protein. Welcome to the 50:50 approach – tasty, healthy, low carbon dishes that save money and the planet. A range of recipes that have been nutritionally analysed, carbon footprinted and are ready to help caterers save money.

What do you do to support the school food sector beyond the supply of your products/service?
BW: Our work as a team goes further than the meals we help our customers to create. Our team does a lot of work with caterers, chefs, teachers and pupils to highlight that swapping the meat out of a menu favourite can be just as delicious and much better for the environment.

We have an active voice on the Fit and Healthy Childhood All Party Parliamentary Group, and a dedicated culinary team who are busy delivering food demos, sampling, educational workshops and recipe development sessions to support caterers with their health, wellbeing and sustainability programmes.

We are sponsors of industry awards and student competitions to educate and inspire chefs to embrace meat free on their menus, including LACA’s inaugural Grab & Go competition.

We are also proud to support more than 65 Meals & More projects across the country that are designed to alleviate the pressures on schools and families because of childhood poverty and specifically, holiday hunger.

Why is supporting LACA and their work so important to you as a business?
We have big ambitions at Quorn to help reduce the impact of our diets on the planet and our health. Engaging future generations, and working with like-minded partners such as LACA, who share our vision is critical to that.

What was your favourite lunch when you were at school?
BW: It’s been many years since I went to school, but I still remember the cheese flan with homemade chips and baked beans followed by treacle sponge and custard - which wasn’t lumpy in our school!