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The Product

Winterhalter is a leading designer and manufacture of efficient warewashing systems for commercial caterers. We are the only catering equipment company to be awarded The Carbon Trust's Carbon Footprinting label for all of its products.  Our highly engineered products are available to serve all the requirements of any educational establishment and can be tailored to meet precise on-site conditions.  We also have some products that have been specifically designed for educational caterers.

The Service

To support our machines, we have an equally robust and dynamic nationwide network of Winterhalter service engineers. Our pro-active approach means that machines always have the very best chance of being operational; enabling you to concentrate on serving pupils.  Winterhalter is also able to offer a complete range of catering chemicals that have been specially formulated for the challenges of a modern commercial kitchen.

A complete range of water treatment and chemical products are also available.

LACA Partner Q&A with Glenn Roberts, National Head of Sales for Winterhalter UK

Tell us about your product/service range?
Winterhalter offers a wide range of dishwashers designed to meet the specific needs of different foodservice operations, and their efficiency and durability has made them a popular choice in all areas of the education sector. Winterhalter also provides a range of support services to its customers, including installation, training, and maintenance.

Why is it so well suited to the school food sector?
Optional features like our Driven Rinse are very appealing to the budget conscious school food sector. Driven Rinse uses a small electric motor on each wash field, which means that no water is used for the drive during rinsing, ensuring that all the water is available for washing. This reduces the rinse water volume by 0.4 litres every wash cycle. Over time this can deliver savings of thousands of pounds over a ten year period.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing for your businesses?
Many end users have been handling issues like rising energy prices and staff shortages over the last few years. Winterhalter has been working hard to find ways to ensure that they have access to the equipment they need, for example by developing our equipment leasing programs and our Pay Per Wash scheme.

What do you do to support the school food sector beyond the supply of your products/service?
Winterhalter works with a variety of professional organisations like LACA providing support by sharing advice and knowledge where we can. We also work closely with our distributor network to facilitate advice for their school clients, from budgeting advice and purchasing options to kitchen planning and running cost reductions.

Why is supporting LACA and their work so important to you as a business?
School catering plays a vital role in children’s education, and ensuring that schools have access to the highest standards of hygienic cleaning is extremely important to Winterhalter. Supporting the work LACA does is an integral part of the company’s ethos of social responsibility.

What was your favourite lunch when you were at school?
I was brought up on a farm in West Sussex and would voraciously consume everything that was put in front of me, particularly useful if there were more picky eaters at the table!

I particularly looked forward to the Steak and Kidney pudding that was ‘family served at the table’ out of a 1/1 container with (non lumpy) mashed potato and peas. I would usually get a lot as others didn’t like it!

My favourite dessert was always Vanilla Ice cream with hot chocolate custard…but I was also partial to a Rice pudding.