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Safeguarding Your Catering Service - FAQs

20 Feb 2023
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to be a LACA member
Yes. You need to maintain your LACA membership for the duration of this service. There needs to be one LACA member per school/academy / per multi academy trust.
To become a member go to, click join LACA and youll find a link to complete the online form. Membership is £97 plus VAT with the membership year commencing 1st of

2. Can we sign up all of the schools in our group / academy trust?
Yes you can. Each school needs to sign up separately, this can be arranged as a central activity.  Each school will be provided their own food safety management system and other documents.

3. How long are these packages for?
These are annual packages with a rolling renewal, payable up front. All we require is 3 months notice if you don’t want to continue into your next year.

4. How can I sign up to these packages?
You can access an application form here.

5. Can I upgrade my package part way through?
Yes you can. If you feel you need additional support and access to more benefits, please contact us and we can arrange a prorata upgrade.

6. Why do I need support?
Your catering service is an important part of the school operation. It not only feeds students and staff, but can include hospitality or event catering and be an income source. The head teacher
and governing body/trust are responsible should there be a legal challenge. We support your team providing you with confidence that your in-house catering team is operating effectively
and safely.

7. What knowledge and experience do LBA Safety staff have?
We’re a multi-disciplinary team including Chartered Environmental Health Officers and industry professionals. All our technical advisors are trained to a minimum of Level 4 Food Safety
Management and are trained in audit skills, HACCP and risk assessment.

8. I already have a food safety management system, do I need to have a new one?
As with all school policies and procedures regular review and update is essential to ensure standards are up to date, relevant and legally compliant. For example, recently there have been
changes to regulations on allergens in catering. System updates should also take into account current trends, for example, the changes in guidance requiring enhanced cross contamination
controls and increasing allergen landscape.

9. Why do I need a food safety management support?
There is a legal requirement to have in place up to date food safety management systems, staff trained to meet their work level including management training and to run your operation safely
and hygienically. Our service helps you to achieve this with a dedicated skilled team.

If you have additional questions and would like to talk to someone about these packages please call 01376 402042 or email and one of friendly team will be
able to support.

You can also contact LACA at