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Start date 01 Nov 2021
End date 31 Oct 2024
Extension date

Please note, this is a DPS agreement, see below for more detail regarding this DPS.

Hunter Ref - 21769
TUCO Ref - CAT11058-TU

To utilise this DPS, please contact Mandy Johnston

Food Waste Management Service Requirement and Scope

During market research TUCO verified a requirement for various food waste stream concepts to embrace innovation in food waste that works in conjunction with a general food waste collection from food waste recyclates. TUCO Member requirements vary in both resource and on-site space/sites. Some member sites are campus based others are city based, hence a need for separate Lots.

  • Lot 1 - On-Site Food Waste Innovation
  • Lot 2 - Waste Disposable Cups
  • Lot 3 - Waste Coffee Grounds
  • Lot 4 - Off Site Food Waste Collection
  • Lot 5 – Food Waste Oil Collection and Disposal Service
  • Lot 6 - Catering Packaging (glass, cardboard, plastic, single use plastic, tin, tetra, etc.) Collection and Recycling Service
  • Lot 7 - Compostable Packaging Waste Collection Service
  • Lot 8 - Food Waste Management Systems
  • Lot 9 - Surplus Catering Equipment

Each collection service should be cost effective and efficient to the Universities, Colleges and the wider Public Sector in a sustainable manner and must be diverted from landfill. The DPS was advertised to provide national coverage, however, each Lot also consists of regional suppliers.

Framework lots
Lot 2 - Waste Disposable Cups
Lot 3 - Waste Coffee Grounds
Lot 5 – Food Waste Oil Collection and Disposal Service
Lot 6 - Catering Packaging Collection and Recycling Service
Lot 7 - Compostable Packaging Waste Collection Service
Lot 9 - Surplus Catering Equipment

When are the key dates for a certain framework?

Framework NameStart Date     End DateExtension Period
Catering light and heavy equipment (inc PPE)13/11/201812/11/202112/11/2022
Disposables and Kitchen Chemicals (inc PPE)15/12/201914/12/202114/12/2023
Fresh Fruit and Veg01/08/201831/07/202031/07/2022
Fresh/frozen meat and poultry01/01/201831/12/202031/12/2021
Grocery/frozen and chilled foods01/04/201931/03/202131/03/2023
Innovative Food & Drink Concepts01/09/201831/08/202131/08/2022
Hot Beverages04/01/202003/01/202203/01/2024
Kitchen Equipment Maintenance01/04/201931/03/202131/03/2023
Milk, diary, morning goods and bread24/10/201623/10/2021 
Soft Drinks01/10/201830/09/202030/09/2022
Sustainable Food Waste01/08/201731/07/202031/07/2021

Are all your suppliers vetted and accredited?

Yes. Dependent on the product category, we will have assessed the supplier’s credentials to be able to supply the goods and/or services.  Please see the SQ (selection questionnaire) questions relative to the product category you are interested in.  High risk food suppliers e.g. sandwich suppliers are also continually audited to ensure they meet food safety requirements.