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Brits could 'rescue' over 380,000 meals this Stop Food Waste Day

26 Apr 2018
With over 380,000 perfectly edible meals thrown away by UK food and drink retailers each day, food waste start-up Too Good To Go is calling on consumers to help tackle the issue tomorrow - Stop Food Waste Day (27 April).

An online marketplace for surplus food, Too Good To Go operates in eight countries worldwide, connecting food retailers with surplus food with local consumers who “purchase, collect and enjoy it” via the app.

The company is now “challenging the British public to join (it) in rescuing every single meal available across the UK this Stop Food Waste Day,” as part of it’s mission to “create a world where all food produced is food consumed.”

To put the figures into perspective, if the 382,775 wasted meals each day were saved from landfill, the impact on CO2 emissions would be equivalent to taking 164 cars off the road.

Food waste is also a financial burden. The average waste disposal cost of each meal is 97p, meaning that the total cost of food waste for outlets is around £371,000 a day in the UK - or £2.6 million a week.

Too Good To Go co-founder, Jamie Crummie, said: “Too Good To Go is more than an easy way to get delicious food, it’s a catalyst to changing mind-sets.

“What we perceive to be waste often isn't actually ‘waste’ at all - it's perfectly good food that gets thrown away because it wasn’t sold.

“If every store in the UK joined the platform, and everyone living here rescued just one meal a month through Too Good To Go, there would be no retail food waste in the UK.”