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Chartwells to deliver bumblebee workshops to schools

22 Nov 2022
School and education catering company Chartwells has partnered with Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help raise awareness about the importance of bumblebees and their role in food production.

The Chartwells nutritionist team are offering a series of workshops to all the schools they partner with, allowing thousands of children across the country to benefit from learning and understanding how they can protect the species.

Following one of the workshops at Bishop Rawle Primary School, a teacher said: “We were very lucky to have Chartwells come and deliver a bee workshop in our Year 1 and 2 class. The children were excited beforehand and throughout.

“They were engaged and enjoyed the interesting range of facts - so did the teachers. I think it really emphasised how important bees are to us and I am sure it is something the children will remember.”

Pollinators (including bumblebees) contribute to 30% of the food we eat, without them we would see a decline in the availability of fruits and vegetables. The workshops aim to get children excited about healthy and nutritious food as well as teaching them about why bees need our help.

Charlie Brown, managing director of Chartwells, added: “We pride ourselves on providing healthy and nutritious meals to schools, but we also strive to give so much more value than that.

“We are always looking for ways to make discussions around food positive, as well as inspiring the next generation to make the best choices. Our partnership with Bumblebee Conservation Trust has enabled us to evolve the topics we discuss as well as bring to life important lessons which pupils can adopt into their everyday lives.”