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Food for life to host ‘less but better meat’ webinar

08 Feb 2024
Food for Life, which aims to improve access to healthy and sustainable food, has announced that it will host a ‘less but better meat’ webinar on Tuesday 27th February 2024 at 2pm.

The free webinar calls on caterers find out more about why serving ‘less but better meat’ is important and how to implement this change as well as showcasing some recipes full of vegetables and pulses. Sign up for free here.

A spokesperson for Food for Life said: “Using less but better meat and more sustainable fish choices help to reduce your menu’s impact on the climate.”

In 2020, The PSC100 Group (now Public Sector Catering Alliance) launched the 20% ‘less but better meat’ campaign.

It encouraged public sector caterers to reduce their ruminant meat consumption and use the savings to buy better quality British produce. Benefits of reducing ruminant meat consumption include responding to customer demands, reducing your carbon footprint and improving the nation’s health.