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Guardians of Grub unveils Business Case presentation on website

17 Dec 2019
Guardians of Grub has launched a new feature on their website called the Business Case presentation which aims to help public sector caterers and businesses to ‘rise up against food waste’.

The presentation starts out by highlighting the problem of food waste. For example every two tonnes of food we eat, another tonne is wasted. The UK’s hospitality and food sector throws away one million tonnes of food each year but 75% is avoidable according to WRAP.

The Business Case presentation can be downloaded from the Guardians of Grub website. Reducing food waste makes ‘good business sense’ and it helps to tackle climate change.

By using the powerpoint you can ‘win the support’ of your colleagues using the editable slides. There is a summary checklist and seven day tracking sheet included to help your colleagues reduce their food waste.

In September Guardian of Grub launched a campaign to ‘Stand Up For Food’ to raise awareness about the importance of food waste. ‘Big names’ including Ken Hom and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall pledged their support to the campaign.