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Henry Dimbleby calls for evidence for National Food Strategy

08 Oct 2019
Henry Dimbleby, who is leading the independent review into the National Food Strategy, is calling for evidence as a way to ‘gather inspiration to help us transform the food system’.

The purpose of the review is to address the environmental and health problems caused by England’s food system, to ensure the security of the food supply, and to ‘maximise the benefits of the coming revolution in agricultural technology’.

Dimbleby said:  “We are looking for ideas big and small. From government policies to simple practical things that make a difference in your community or your business. These might be things that are already working well, here or abroad, and that could be scaled up or used differently. Or they might be new ideas: things that haven’t been tried yet at scale, but which you think have the potential to improve the system. We would like to understand the rationale for your proposals and study the accompanying evidence.

“The scope of the strategy is within England, but we would also love to hear from people in the devolved administrations or abroad.

“We are looking for innovations you have seen work in your home, your neighbourhood, or your business, in this country or beyond: ideas that help citizens make informed decisions about the food they eat, or which increase access to and affordability of high-quality food; ideas that make food production more environmentally sustainable, creating a flourishing countryside rich in wildlife; ideas that help farming, fishing and food businesses and communities thrive, benefitting employees and the wider community; or that promote the highest standards of animal health and welfare; or that could put England at the forefront of innovation and reshape our food system in the coming years.”

The call for evidence closes on 25 October. To respond, visit: