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Innoveat opens registration to TASTE

30 Jun 2021
TASTE (Tots and Small Teens Expo) will last ten days from 12-22 July to connect buyers and likeminded brands.

TASTE has been inspired from Innoveat’s founder Heerum Fleary who is a mum of four boys aged between 3-19, who struggles to find healthier alternatives when looking for drinks and snacks.

Fleary is ‘passionate’ about providing opportunities for likeminded buyers operating in similar spaces to come together and find new innovative healthier options.

According to research one in three children leave primary school either overweight or obese. This is due to children not eating enough vegetables and only 1.2% of food and drink advertising being spent on promoting healthy diets.

Fleary commented: “Let’s take action together in making a change for a better future for our children.”

Since launching the Innoveat brand in 2016, Innoveat has bought together over 1,000 buyers and suppliers together. Brands have been using Innoveat over the years to launch new innovative products and ideas.

As a buyer, you will have unlimited access to the virtual platform, with a secure personal login allowing you to browse, chat and meet with a mix of suppliers also taking part in the event.

Link to register free of charge before 12th July (or after):