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Kath Breckon releases healthy & cost conscious school meal recipes

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Kath Breckon
14 Apr 2023
Kath Breckon, who joined Knorr Professional Bouillons as brand ambassador for education, has released nutritionally dense and cost-conscious recipes for school caterers that are made using only five core ingredients.

As a brand ambassador for education Kath will help to ‘inspire’ school caterers across the UK with her extensive knowledge and experience from over 30 years of working in school kitchens. An award-winning chef, Kath sits on the Y&H LACA regional committee, using her first-hand experience to ‘make a real difference’.

Kath said: “The challenges school caterers face every day are very different from the wider foodservice industry, so it’s great to be working with Knorr Professional to identify and help mitigate some of these challenges.

“My recipes for school caterer use Knorr Professional Bouillons to create nutritious and cost-effective dishes suitable for both primary and secondary education facilities, delivering maximum flavour from simple, staple ingredients.”

The recipes include:

  • Mac n Cheese: Can be adapted for primary or secondary schools and includes hidden vegetables to enhance the nutritional value.  
  • Crispy Beef Bake: Packed full of flavour and nutrients to fuel students for a successful day of learning
  • Turkey Flatbread: Super flexible for any menu as a main dish or a tasty grab and go item
  • Bean Burger: A protein-packed burger that is the ‘perfect’ vegetarian addition to school menus

Visit here to discover more about these nutritious school meal recipes.