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LACA gives members access to cost of living survey

17 Oct 2022
LACA has given its members access to the cost of living survey which presents a powerful view of the impact of the rising food costs, supply chain concerns and recruitment challenges facing the school food industry.

Members told LACA that 94% have been able to comply with the School Food Standards, 74% are saying recruitment is still an issue and over the summer there has been a 30% increase in food costs.

A spokesperson for LACA said: “We were told in May that you expected the situation to change over the coming months, with further challenges expected in September, at the start of the new academic year.

“As a result, we wanted to ask you to provide an update on the current situation and the effect on schools, pupils and your operations. This document sets out your views. LACA, the School Food People, are here to support our members with the challenges they are facing.

“The results of this survey will support our campaign to highlight the issues being experienced by all school food providers, as well as schools. This survey will help us inform Government about the actions needed to protect the industry, feed children and secure the jobs of the school food workforce and wider supply chain.”

LACA members can view the full report here (you will need to be logged in).