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Pelican Procurement publishes Q3 Market Report

21 Aug 2023
Pelican’s Market Report offers valuable insights into the current market conditions, price trends, product availability and effective strategies to help caterers navigate price changes, plan your menus and source alternative products.

Amid the fast-changing global landscape, procurement business analyst Alex Gess delves into the current market conditions that are affecting the supply and availability of food and non-food products.

He said: “From inflation shifts to how supermarkets are handling pressure, we’re here to break it down for you.

Inflation peaked at 11.1% in September 2022 and gradually decreased, dropping to 7.9% in July. Supermarkets have faced scrutiny over price increases, leading to price reductions and easing food inflation.

Climate change’s impact on food production and ecosystems remains a ‘significant’ concern. Changing temperatures and rainfall disruptions have affected crop growth, while fish and insect populations are also suffering.

Recent conflicts in Ukraine, Israel, and the West Bank have contributed to market volatility. Request a free copy of Pelican’s Market Report here.