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ProVeg recognises healthy lunches by handing out School Plates Awards

Credit: Leger Education Trust
Credit: Leger Education Trust
20 Apr 2023
The ProVeg School Plates Awards aim to recognise exceptional school menus that prioritise plant-based meals, promote healthy eating habits and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Across the UK, hundreds of schools have been awarded for their efforts in creating healthier and more sustainable menus.   

Essex County Council and Leger Education Trust in Doncaster received bronze accreditations, recognising their progress in promoting plant-based and meat-free options. The silver award is given to schools that have gone even further, such as attending ProVeg UK’s Plant-based Cooking in Schools workshops, which was achieved by the Thomas Deacon Education Trust (Peterborough).

Jimmy Pierson, director of ProVeg UK, said: "We are thrilled to see so many schools making strides towards healthier and more sustainable menus. These school caterers are setting an example for the next generation, showing that healthy and sustainable eating doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. It is just about creating simple and delicious lunches that children love."

Working with non-profit organisation ProVeg UK the winning schools have replaced several carbon-heavy meat-based dishes with sustainable plant-based and vegetarian alternatives - while also increasing the nutrition profile of the meals. Some of the plant-powered menus include dishes such as BBQ pulled Quorn wrap, Mexican-style chilli non carne, homemade sweetcorn & chickpea burger and sticky chocolate brownie.

Michael Dove, head of catering at Thomas Deacon Education Trust, added: “Providing children with good food is at the heart of what we do, and if we can help to save the planet while doing so, that’s a win-win. Our cooks have been working hard to develop great menus that the kids will love. It’s wonderful to receive national recognition in exchange for our hard work.”

ProVeg UK is currently working with over 40 major catering partners across the UK through its School Plates programme. Since the programme launched in 2018, the non-profit has helped turn over 9.2 million school dinners meat-free or plant-based while developing tasty, nutritious, and sustainable menus. 

Any UK school caterer can participate in The ProVeg School Plates Awards for free. To learn more, visit ProVeg UK’s website, or if you are a school caterer and would like to submit your menu for review, send it to