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Universal Cookery & Food Festival offers opportunity for inspiration

09 Jul 2024
Dubbed the 'Glastonbury for chefs', the Universal Cookery and Food Festival (UCFF) is set to take place at Loddington Farm in Kent on Thursday 26th September 2024.

The event provides a 'unique opportunity' to get out of the school kitchen to meet with other chefs, farmers, nutritionists and suppliers all looking for new ideas and inspiration. UCFF moves around the country every year visiting a new location.

The programme is designed by chefs for chefs, so it delivers the right content and addresses the hot issues and challenges of the time. There will be multiple chef demonstrations, interviews and panel debates to give attendees choice and keep them entertained throughout the day.

The programme will cover four key topics including:

  • Allergens: In the wake of Natashas law and the tragic circumstances that lead to its inception and the inevitable introduction of Owens Law - allergens are a huge topic at present
  • Local heroes: UCFF will be featuring local producers, chefs and people making a difference in our industry from in and around Kent.
  • Rob Kirby- an Englishman abroad: In 2012 Rob and his wife Amber upped sticks from Kent and headed to Mallorca to fulfil a lifelong dream of opening their own restaurant. Find out what have they been up to.
  • Grown up food: This session will explore the work that is going on in the industry to address greenhouse gas emissions through methods of farming. From vertical growing to regenerative farming and aquaculture.

A spokesperson said: “Allergens are a huge topic at present. In this session we will have industry experts discussing what the implications might be to operators who fall short of legal compliance as well as some pointers on how best to implement safe and workable practices.

“We will also hear from two senior operators from large multi-site operations on how they manage allergens in their professional kitchens, the very real challenges they face and how they overcome them.”

All food & drink is included in the ticket price, so there are no hidden extras. Tickets cost £125 per person. Click here to purchase.